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We know how hectic being a parent can be these days. We know it because we are living it as well. RUBI is the most trusted partner in safely transporting your loved ones. Are you ready to see how easy it is to become a part of the RUBI community?

RUBI is a Premier Transportation Platform that helps busy families get their loved ones from point A to B safe and sound with our network of vetted and dedicated drivers.

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What is important to our families

RUBI has a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use, physical contact, or talking/texting while a RUBI passenger is on a ride.


A single ride with RUBI starts at a minimum of $35. The complete cost of your trip depends on your ride distance and other premium requested options. For more details, please see our FAQ section here.

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End the struggle of trying to juggle your busy work & family schedule. Ensure your precious gem gets to where they need to be safely and on time.