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Get your own team of vetted, safe, and dedicated drivers.

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RUBI How it works

About RUBI

RUBI is an innovative membership service that addresses one of parenting’s greatest challenges: transporting your loved ones.
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Our Mission

Safety is our number one priority to ensure families that their precious gems will be transferred with love and care.
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We are Different

We care! We care about your loved ones as much as you do. We value our relationships with our families and your loved ones.

Benefits of being a RUBI Member

RUBI is a members only transportation platform safely transporting your families most precious gems

Safety first- always

All of our drivers are put through rigorous background checks and interviews

Familiar drivers

Get a familiar team of drivers to make your loved one feels more comfortable and safe

RUBI is different

RUBI is more than just a premier transportation platform. We are a customer service-oriented company that truly cares

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Frequently Asked Questions

RUBI is here to answer all your questions. Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Why RUBI and not another rideshare app?
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Currently RUBI is the only rideshare app specifically for children and seniors. We also have the most extensive and comprehensive vetting procedure and a zero-tolerance policy.  For more information on RUBI’s vetting process, please click here.

How do I know my loved one is safe?
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Safety is our first priority. RUBI thoroughly screens and vets our drivers. We have partnered with a third-party background search provider, a prominent background investigation company, to clear every RUBI driver. Your driver not only has a clean background and driving record that is checked on a regular basis but has completed extensive training as well. Our drivers use our RUBI Driver proprietary app with the built-in Google mapping technology for all their GPS Navigation needs.

HOW much does a RUBI ride cost?
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Pricing varies by market. Typically $30-$45 per one-way trip within a 5-mile radius, $3-$4 per additional mile. (RUBI pricing may vary according to traffic, distance, weather, and time traveled.)

Does RUBI require a membership?
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RUBI has a monthly subscription fee that can be paid Monthly or Yearly. The membership for the first 30 days is waived with successful account creation.